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Dear Students,
You need to collect following information for up coming assessment about plate movement on 27th September 2011.

  1. Continental Drift Theory and Plate tectonic theory
  2. Plate movement and plate margin
  3. Volcanic Activities and Earthquake
  4. Features formed by plate movement
  5. Case study about a volcanic activities
  6. Management of disaster occurred by tectonic movement

Also bring with you
  1. Blank world Map
  2. Scissor
  3. Rubber
  4. Color sketch pen

Please Note;-
  • Information can be collected from class notes, authentic websites, library, journals, books or any other relevant source.
  • Collected information should not be more 3 pages (one side)
  • Collect various feature and diagrams.
  • Assessment is will be in the form of extended writing.
  • Must fill Big Six organizer for various information collected.
  • You can copy big six organizer from the departmental blog

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any query

Happy Researching!!

Manish Kr. Semwal
Head, Department of Geography and ESS
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Big Six Assessment Organizer
(Best Way to Get Started)

Student Name: - _
Subject Teacher Name: - _
Subject: - ___

Note- a. Fill out Big6 part, 1-5 before you begin to work on your assignment.
b. Fill out Big6 part 6 before you complete your assignment

Big6 part-1:- Task Definition

You will most likely find interesting additional information as you use the resources. Determine a purpose and need for information—
  • What am I supposed to do? (Your Idea and method to do the assessment)
Big Six:- Part-2: Information-Seeking Strategies

Examine alternative approaches to acquiring information. List the best sources to find this information.
  • What are the possible sources to find this information?
  • Which ones are best for me to use?
  • Which index should I use?
  • Book, Newspaper, website, periodicals, television show, Video?

Big6 Part-3:- Location & Access

Locate sources and access the information within them. Where will I locate these sources?
  • School library
  • Section of School Library
  • Class Library
  • Public library
  • Personal library
  • Provided by Subject teachers
  • Provided by other subject teacher
  • Internet

    • I will use only those evaluated by and provided by my teachers or librarian.

If using a search engine list the key words.


Big6 Part-4:-UseofInformation

Use a source to gain information—how will I record the information that I find?

  • Use a source to gain information—how will I record the information that I find?
  • Take notes using cards
  • Take note on note paper
  • Take notes using MS word
  • Take note using a data chart or other organizer
  • Illustrate Concept
  • Use a tape recorder, video or digital camera
  • Other

Big Six -5: Synthesis - Decide how you will put together the notes you took and ideas that you will add. You may:
  • Use text, picture with flow chart
  • Use video that you record
  • Use only still pictures with voiceover
  • Use a combination of video, still pictures & voiceover.
  • Write a rough draft
  • Create an outline
  • Create a storyboard
  • Make a sketch

  • What product or performance will I make to finish my assignment?
  • How will I organize the information?
  • How will I give credit to my sources in my final product or performance?
  • __other
Big Six -6: Evaluation- Judge your product- Before turning in your assignment, compare it to the requirements that your teacher gave you.
  • Did you do everything and include all that was required for the assignment?
  • Did you give credit to all of your sources, written in the way your teacher requested?
  • Is your work neat?
  • Is your work complete and does it include heading information (name, date, etc.)
  • Does it include chart, map, graph, data table etc?
  • Would you be proud for anyone to view this work?

Note- Attach all rough work, draft, sketch, map, flow chart, data table, photos with the organizer.

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