Dear Students,

I must not hesitate to accept that I am a product of my students and whatever I am today it’s because of my students. My quest of learning in the process of acquiring knowledge is develop and motivated by you all. Your small query has been reason for my investigation and curiosity. I haven’t discovered anything noticeable but you have been treating me as if I have discovered something new, this believe of yours always encourage me to learn more and to get more new innovative ideas so that I will be able to share with you in teaching- learning process. The happiest moment of my life is always whenever I listen about your achievement. Like all other teachers I too want to achieve everything in life through the bioscope of your achievement. I wish whatever I was unable to achieved you must achieve it for me.

I am among the happiest teachers in this world who can proudly says that in the teaching-learning process I found the best, the naughtiest, the most active, the most interactive, the most passionate, the most smart and the most intelligent students. You all are my heroes because I can see my past in you, my present in you and my imagined achievement in you.

In my life I always try to be like my Baba (Papa, Dad) and there was many people who mold me toward this goal and all of them was my teachers. I know it’s tough to follow all guidance of my great teacher, but yes I like to be your motivator as my teachers motivated me.

You the judge of my saying and learning and you know I never make comparison or differences between students, so some time, might be you are not agree with me the way I respond to you but you know my intension is very clear, coz I know there is a hero in you, you have to develop the heroic qualities. You can set example for others, you can invent something undiscovered and more over you can change the world as a better place.

Love humanity, respond to a needy and judge the things before you do. …………. (Continue…..)

Love from - - Manish Kr. Semwal