Environmental Systems and Societies
Extended Essay Topics Prepared by- Manish Kr. Semwal
Extended essay topics
Systems and Models
  1. How does systems or models work on an ecological framework?
  1. Change is aquatic ecosystem after human influence.
  2. How do a particular species affect the food chain in an area?
  3. Forest and woodland restoration in any region in Indonesia.
  4. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors Affecting the Resilience of Corals in any Ireland in Indonesia.
  5. Effect of Climate Change on Population Trajectories and Tropic Interactions in a High Elevation Riparian Ecosystem in Indonesia.
  6. The Science for the Conservation of Coral Reefs in west Java, Jakarta.
Population, carrying capacity and resource use
  1. Potential population growth and future changes in population of region.
  2. How does carrying capacity of a named area will affect the population of that area?
  3. Depletion of certain resources in an area effect the socio-ecological pattern of that area.
  4. How certain mine effect the ecological and socio-economic of an area.
  5. Assess the potential of geothermal energy in Indonesia.
  6. Study and Suggestions for increased ecological footprint of an area in a part of Jakarta.
  1. Impact of mangrove biodiversity in Indonesia through human influence.
  2. Changing aspects of equatorial rain forest and its effects on ecological set-up of the area.
  3. Coastal Ecosystem its processes and anthropogenic impact in Jakarta.
  4. Analysis of mangrove ecosystems in its impact of coastal area.
  5. Physiology of tree I coastal area and its impact on environment.
Pollution management
  1. How pollution management strategies in a specific area help to protect environmental concern in the area?
  2. How unplanned development of human interferences can cause for ecological imbalances in an area.
  3. Comparison of various water bodies in an urban area affect through human response. Such as La Pindo Mud Flow
  4. How eco-friendly a housing society is? What role it has to conserve the environment.
  5. Impact of an industry in water bodies or atmospheric condition of the area.
  6. Pollution check and management strategies for canal route of Jakarta.
  7. Evaluating the persistence of coastal Westland around Jakarta.
Issues of Global warming
  1. Assessing impact of global warming in an area/species of plant and animal.
  2. Recording and evaluating of various climatic data related to global warming and its impact in the current environmental conditions.
  3. Interactions of Climate Change and Other Environmental Factors on Invasive Plant Infestation in the central Java.
Environmental Values
  1. Human reaction and Socio-ecological impact of dam in any part of Indonesia.