A teacher
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Do I have morals, values, sympathy, emotions, carrying attitude, knowledgeable, broadminded, learning attitude, cooperativeness and happy- go-lucky attitude?
If yes!! Than one can be a teacher. Teacher is a least pay getter in this world but carry the responsibilities to change this world. Always small thing come in a big package so the teachers are. It seems the easiest job in the world and sometime people of different values do join this profession but it has the biggest responsibilities for societies and human welfare.
A mother, father, friend, animal, plants etc. can be called as a teacher. But actually a teacher has to carry all responsibilities to mold this society. Teacher has shown its responsibilities to the societies after Atom bomb attack in Japan, after Vietnamese were fighting for non ended war, minimizing the effects of so called western culture in India and China, making Indian and Chinese students an example for the world.
Education systems cannot set boundaries for a real teacher, he/ she is always good in all systems and societies. He is the one who encourage students to write on soil, to plant on the soil, to fly in the sky and to imagine beyond the imaginations.
Let’s put your pen down to write the best script, to draw the best picture, to mold the future, to carve a stone to give it life, to teach an animal the lesson of love and to change an ignite mind to the administrative mind ………………… the mission continue……………….
Manish Kr. Semwal
Dated 1st September 2010 Jakarta, Indonesia