Global Changes: Geography to Environment

I, Manish Kr. Semwal started this wiki to share my ideas and learning of Geography and Environment with my friends, students, colleagues, teachers and people having interest in Geography and Environmental protection and conservation. The world is changing rapidly due to growth and development of humans but humans are not the only species on the mother earth and law of interdependence and interaction apply everywhere on the Earth. Smallest change on the earth due to human development create lots of imbalances on the earth surfaces, its systems, societies and all physical process. So I believe that we should act locally and think globally.
I admire people such as Al Gore and Gaura Devi. Two very different personalities but have same thinking for Environmental protection and conservation. Al Gore the former vice president of USA, working about global warming and Gaura Devi, the founder of Chipko Movement and an illiterate rural women, who started the most ever successful program about environmental conservation.
The values and idea on study, conservation and protection ofenvironment are in my mind from childhood as my native place play an important role to make me aware about geographical phenomenons and environmental values. At the same time these values are imbibed on me from my parents My Dad (Baba) Shri S.P. Semwal and My Maa (Mom) Srm. Prabha Semwal. My father taught me social values and encourage me toward social upliftment and my mother taught me all environmental values from plantation of a tree to conservation of a forest.
Literary Narendra Singh Negi and GirDa ( Girish Tiwari) has always been my guide and ideals. Compositions of these writers have always encouraged me to write about Himalayan cause.
For every quest of knowledge and learning I must thanks to my school days geography teachers Mr. G.S Bisht & Mr. Kalika Pd. Semwal who gave me proper foundation for developing my interest in this area and my teacher Mr. Sudarshan Yadav who taught me to communicate with people. At the same time I must mentions my student's contributions for developing my learning in these areas. I am proud that I teach the weakest and the most intelligent students, the poorest and the richest students, the naughtiest and most discipline students, in the best and newest institutions and so I know students around the world are of same nature.

Thanking You
Happy Sharing
Manish Kr. Semwal